Razor's Edge / Junction Buds

E L I Z A B A N D are pleased to announce in this year of possible heart breaking election two new songs available for download and streaming free for the people.

Razor's Edge / Junction Buds will also be launched at the Coburg RSL on Saturday June 4.


Three Flowers For You EP

Pleased to announce the new E L I Z A B A N D EP "Three Flowers For You" is completed and available to stream here. The digital download and physical CD will be available for sale as soon as the boxes show up from the factory...




E L I Z A B A N D live at The Workers Club

E L I Z B A N D will be supporting Amaya Laucirica this Friday night October 31st at The Workers Club in Fitzroy. Onstage at 10pm EST. An Event for the event can be found here. So here's to Hope.